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Great Design Resources

4 Great Design Resources

I love design. I love putting pretty things together and making everyday things beautiful. As much as I would love to create every aspect of my design, from the photography to the fonts, it’s just not feasible. There are some incredible design resources out there. These are my absolute favorites:

1) Etsy

Etsy is my favorite place for a lot of things, but I buy a lot of amazing design assets there. You get a lot for your money and I love that I’m supporting small business owners.

One place I’ve gotten a lot of cute vectors and patterns from is GraphicRain. They have a huge variety of products. She has the greatest pack of digital confetti, and I bought some perfectly illustrated flowers that I use in everything.

I’ve used illustrated doodles from daroom in a lot of my previous blog posts.

And if you’re looking for some simple and cute styled stock photography, my Etsy store, the chaotic creative marketplace, has got you covered.

2) Pexels

Obviously, I’d love if you went to the marketplace for all of your stock photography needs, but I’m fully aware of my limitations. Another great stock image resource is Pexels. And the best part? It’s free. They have compiled stock photos for almost everything. They are easily searchable and all under the Creative Commons Zero license so they’re completely free and clear of any creative licensing and the user doesn’t need to attribute to the image to the creator. It’s the best.

3) Coolors

Sometimes picking the perfect color scheme is so incredibly daunting. Coolors will generate a random color scheme for you. If you don’t don’t like the one it generates for you, you can either have them keep coming up with completely new ones or you can lock certain colors you like, and it will pick colors that work well with the ones you choose. If I’m being honest, I sometimes just go on this site to look at pretty colors even when I don’t need them for a project.

4) The Noun Project

This is one of my newer design resources. I use it a lot at work. The Noun Project is the perfect place to find icons. You can find an icon for almost anything. You can download the icon as a .png or an .svg file for free, but you must give proper credit. Or you can buy a license and use the icon without crediting the creator. If you decide to pay for them it’s only $1.99 for one icon or $9.99/mo for unlimited icons.

There are endless amounts of great design resources out there, but these have served me very well.

What are your favorite design resources?

|| the chaotic creative