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5 Tips For Staying Organized When Things Get Hectic

So the next few weeks are going to be insane. My bosses are gone for 5 weeks and I’m holding down the fort. Next week is Thanksgiving, my in laws are coming for (a very small) Thanksgiving dinner and we have to start and finish packing because the week after that, we are moving. Then it’s my sister’s birthday. Then it’s my birthday. Then it’s my brothers and dad’s birthdays. Then it’s Christmas. Then we are probably going on a trip to Arizona. Then it’s B’s birthday. Then it’s New Years. Phew. That’s not even starting with January, which is a also incredibly busy.

The last week has been spent getting work ready for my bosses to leave and getting ready to move. Things have been crazy. But everything has gotten done, and gotten done well.

Here are my 5 tips for staying organized when things get hectic:

1) Write everything down

This is basically my life’s motto. I have the worst memory ever, unless I write things down. I am a very visual person and if I just hear something I probably won’t retain it. But if I write it down there is a much better chance of me remembering it. I also live on to do lists. I write many of them for many different things and I keep them every where. Also, sticky notes if you have to remember to take something with you. Or to remind someone else in your house to do something. Write everything down. Seriously it will help so much.

2) Utilize a syncing calendar

I use iCal and Google calendar to keep all of the bills due dates, appointments, meetings, and birthdays in order. I share one with my husband, one with my boss and I have a private one. They all sync over all of my devices and pop up reminders a day or an hour before I need to get my shit together. I honestly couldn’t function without them.

3) Make things as easy as possible

I am very lazy and I have a hard time functioning day to day and when I have a lot on my plate, a lot of things get pushed to the wayside. If I can make my life easier by using apps to get my laundry washed, getting groceries delivered or having my dog walked, the piece of mind is so worth the cost. I get groceries delivered once a week because otherwise I would live on rice and cheese and that’s just not great for anyone. Give yourself the easy way out when things are hectic so all of your energy can be put into the important things.

4) Don’t make any big decisions

Now is not the time to be drastically changing your diet or start cutting caffeine. Stay healthy, but stick to your usual routine. You’re already going to be stressed out and drastically changing anything is only going to take up mind power and time. This hectic time won’t last forever. once it’s over and you’ve gotten through it successfully, then go ahead and better yourself as a person. This hectic time is just about surviving and getting shit done.

5) Take time for yourself 

Set aside allotted times for yourself. It’s up to you to determine how much time you can actually spare – 5 min here and there or an hour an evening, but sit down, catch up on shows, read a book, call your mother. Do something that takes your mind off of everything that needs to be done. Then come back refreshed and ready to cross off the rest of your to do list.

Everyone goes through crazy times, personally and professionally, but everyone gets through it and so can you. These steps to staying organized can help keep everything in motion and feeling as productive as possible.

What steps do you take to staying organized when your life starts to get crazy?