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6 Tips for Staying Inspired

Being a creative person and relying on that creativity to make a living or even just as an outlet from your life can be kind of stressful. Creativity is fickle. Sometimes it comes on in waves and you can’t get it out and into something beautiful fast enough. These are the best of times. But other times it’s like pulling teeth. You can sit in front of your computer for hours and create absolutely nothing of substance (except maybe a witty Instagram comment). You can sit in front of a blank page all day with nothing to show but doodles of your cat. These are the worst of times. But there are ways to get through it. They might not be perfect, and they definitely won’t be instant but they will definitely help. Here are my 6 tips for staying inspired:

1) Listen to something

I need almost constant stimulation, so I am pretty much always listening to something. But when I am really looking for something to get the ball rolling on whatever is in front of me, I put my headphones on. When it’s something kind of tedious that I don’t need all of my brain for I listen to podcasts. If it’s something I really need to get creative on and work hard on I put on some great music like The Weeknd or Adele (I am seriously obsessed with both of their albums right now. I think I need help.) It’s just nice to have something on in the background while you’re working. Sometimes I even have the Food Network on in the background. Although that usually just makes me hungry.

2) Make some coffee

Or tea. Or get some water. But for me, it’s coffee. (Again, I might need some help.) It’s not even the fact that I need caffeine (which I usually do) but the ritual of brewing a pot of coffee or making a latte really helps put me in the mind set that I need to get things done. The warm mug in my hand instantly puts me in a happy mood. Hot chocolate works wonders too. And do it every single time you’re needing to put yourself in the position to create amazing things. That way every time you take a sip of coffee in your work space, your mind knows it’s time to get to work.

3) Check Instagram

Honestly there are some pretty amazingly creative people on Instagram. I don’t know about you but I follow some very inspiring people. And if you don’t, then you should definitely build your following list because even if they aren’t someone you know they can be pretty influential. Even just seeing someone’s gorgeous brunch plate or pretty shoes can spur something inside of you and help you get to work. If not, at least it’s a fun distraction until you buckle down to get shit done.

4) Fake It

Put literally anything on the page. Every terrible, tiny, itty bitty idea. Put it on the page. It might look horrible, but I promise it’s progress. The worst that can happen is you know what you don’t want to create. I did this today with a project I was really struggling with. I still have it up on my screen and I still have no idea what to do with it, but I know that this design is not working so I am making progress towards something else. Best case scenario, you accidentally create something amazing and make a million dollars. So yeah, fake it til you make it.

5) Read Anything

Reading is so important. It’s really hard to stay creative without reading. So take this opportunity to read the book you’ve been working on, catch up on some current events or take in your favorite magazine. You may not come up with your million dollar idea while you’re reading, but it will give your mind some time to reset. Or read something that you think will help you come up with something amazing. I’ve been really keeping up with Bloglovin’ lately and it’s been very inspiring. I’ve gotten a lot of great blog post, instagram and life ideas. Plus you get to look at pretty blogs so things could be worse.

6) Walk Away

If you have sat for way too long trying to figure out what to do, it’s time to walk away. Use that time to do chores, another project, water your plants, pee, literally whatever you want to do, but seriously just walk away. Sitting there is not productive and it’s just going to stress you out and make things work. Set aside 15 minutes and take that time to clear your mind, clear your anxiety and relax for just a little bit. It will make a world of a difference. Then you can come back and really bust out whatever you need to do with new eyes.

I’ve been really struggling lately with creating great content and new stock images for the marketplace and these 6 tips for staying inspired have really helped me. I hope they help you too!

What do you do when you don’t feel inspired or creative?

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  • Yes to all the things in this post! I love your ‘fake it’ suggestion, so often I think if you can just get something down on paper it already feels a little less harder!

    • That is the hardest one for me to do, but always the most successful!

  • Fake it works for me. Also planning ahead. lol

    • Faking it is a new one for me. But it seems to be working. I used to be a planner, but it’s been harder for me to do lately! I need to get back on that list game. 🙂

  • What a fantastic list! I definitely loved #5 – I am a huge advocate for the benefits of reading. I laughed out loud at #4, but it’s great advice!! Sometimes you do just have to “fake it ’til you make it!” Very great advice!

    • Thank you so much! I LOVE reading, but I also love TV shows so I definitely don’t read as much as I’d like to 🙁 Glad you liked it!

  • great tips love! <3 My favorite is to eat some food and watch Netflix 😉 I don't know why this works for me but whenever I completely forget about what it is I need to be doing, once I go back my mind is clear and ready to go.


    • Thank you!! When I eat food and Netflix, nothing ever happens. Which is usually what happens 🙂 It definitely is a mind clearer.