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3 Tips For A Successful Creative Break

This time of year can be incredibly difficult for even the most sane of people and sometimes a creative break is necessary. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and under stimulated in your work. I know for me personally, it’s hard to get through the holidays emotionally. I pretty much run on anxiety and caffeine (per the usual.) And with everything going on I have completely lost the desire or drive to create anything. There are some times when being create isn’t an option, and that is okay. Creativity can be fickle and that’s okay. Sometimes you just need a break. It will help rejuvenate and refresh you so you can get back to doing what you do best. Here are a few ways I’ve found that make taking a creative break much more successful:

1) READ. Read everything.

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that if I haven’t read for a while, I honestly feel dumber. My mind works slower and I have trouble finding words. Books are also an escape. No matter where you are physically, books can take you out of your present and into a different reality where your creativity will thrive. One book I suggest right now is Creativity, Inc. It’s really inspiring to hear about Pixar’s trials and tribulations. It’s nice to hear that no one has success overnight. But read whatever you want – just read.

2) Travel

Traveling is the best way to find inspiration. Even if it’s just somewhere for the day. Drive up to the mountains or out in the middle of nowhere. Fly to Europe and backpack for a week. Rent an Airbnb down the street or even pop a tent in your backyard. Whatever you can afford and are willing to do, do it. Get out of your own space and go into someone else’s. While you’re traveling take as many pictures as you can, but make sure you’re still living in the moment. Take note of all of the special things you’re hearing, smelling and seeing. Keep a travel journal. Then come back, sit your ass down and get some work done.

3) Sleep & self care

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. Catch up on sleep. Get your hair cut. Get a facial. Do all of the things you’ve been putting off forever. You can’t create beautiful things unless you’re okay. You won’t be okay unless you sleep and maintain your body. Even with all of the coffee in the world, you won’t be awake enough to function. Melatonin helps me fall asleep when my mind is running a mile a minute, which it usually does when I’m trying to sleep. I’ve also heard great things about spraying lavender on your pillow. I also use these face masks a lot when I’m treating myself to an at home spa day and I love them.

I know taking a creative break from work can sometimes be very intimidating and can seem impossible. But it’s incredibly necessary and this time of year is probably the best time to do it. This year has been rough for everyone. So take some time with your family, relax and get yourself ready for the craziness that is going to be 2017.

Take care of yourself and have a happy new year!

|| the chaotic creative