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A Playlist to Create Pretty Things To

I am constantly listening to something. Especially while I’m working. I have a lot of trouble focusing a lot of the time. But when I have my headphones in, I can get down to business. A lot of the time, especially when I’m doing busy work, I’m listening to my favorite podcasts. But if I have to actually use my brain and get some stuff done, I put on my tunes and bust some work out. I’ve compiled a playlist my favorite songs to create things to:

1) Wild things – alessia cara

I heard this one Jimmy Fallon and I literally can’t stop listening to it.

2) Love Yourself vs F*CK YOURSELF – Yo Preston

I’m not a big JB fan, but this version is so catchy.

3) Chandelier – Sia

This is such a powerful song. It’s so fun to belt out while editing photos.

4) Gold Digger (acoustic) – Xavier Dunn

I love this original song. I don’t know why. But I do. And I love acoustic songs. So here you go.

5) San Francisco – The Mowgli’s

This song is so much fun. B and I were announced as a married couple to our wedding reception to this song.

6) Stay With Me – Angus & Julia Stone

This song is just really pretty.

7) When We Were Young – adele

I don’t think I could ever make a playlist without an Adel song on it. This is just my current favorite.

8) Billie Jean – The civil wars

I love the Civil Wars and I love Billie Jean.

9) The hills – the weeknd

I am addicted to belting this song in my car. I feel like such a badass when I sing it.

10) Cool Kids/Riptide – Less is more

These are both great songs and they’ve intertwined them perfectly.

11) Throw down your guns – wild belle

I also heard this song on Jimmy Fallon. Her voice is seriously angelic.

You can find the Spotify playlist here. I hope you enjoy!

This playlist has gotten me through many projects and will get me through many more. Maybe some day I’ll branch out and find new music, but for now I will play this on repeat.

What do you listen to while you’re working? What music gets you in the work zone?

|| the chaotic creative


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