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Belated Weekend Favorites

So I haven’t done a weekend favorites lately, and I know this one is belated but I had a great weekend away and wanted to share some of my favorite things!

flower dress


This is my new favorite dress ever. I’m actually pretty heart broken because I had a little too much fun at a wedding this weekend and someone spilled my red wine completely down the front of my dress. It also ruined B’s crisp white shirt. But while it was new a clean, it was amazing. It was comfortable, light weight and unique. I’m going to soak it water but if I can’t get the stains out, I’m definitely getting another one.



I’ve been working at a new job where I have to lug my laptop back and forth between home and the office. I’ve also been taking a class at the local college and this bag has been working double time. It’s big enough to hold all of my stuff, but sleek enough to be easy to carry around. It also makes a great graduation gift.



My mom got this caramel sauce for me while she was shopping in Paso Robles, and now I am obsessed. It’s so creamy with just the right enough of salt. Brown butter cookies were a very close runner up to this favorite, but I am such a sucker for a great caramel sauce. I just have to figure out what else I want to put it on… (other than everything.)


4) ALLEGRETTO HOTEL in Paso Robles

We stayed at this hotel for a beautiful wedding we went to this past weekend. All of my siblings were in town and it was so great spending time with them, especially around the fire pits and in the delicious restaurant. The rooms were fantastic with very high ceilings (such a luxury in hotels), incredibly comfy beds and gorgeous marble bathrooms. They had a great wine selection also, which is obviously super important. Can’t wait to stay there again.



The wedding we went to actually had pink champagne which was also delicious, but it reminded me of the fantastic champagne we had at our wedding from a vineyard in Temecula called Wilson Creek. It’s pretty sweet and a little nutty and I love it so much. I need to get a bottle in my fridge ASAP.

I’m so glad to be home, but this weekend was so much fun.

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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