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Current Favorites

I keep failing to post these on an actual weekend so we are going to rename them to current favorites. This week was a little crazy – I drove 6 hours down south to stay with my in laws and hang out with my family. It was a great week but I’m back home now so I’m finally starting to get back to normal and catch up on work and blog stuff.

My current favorites are:

1) Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

current favorites

I actually bought this mascara on the fly, but I am a die hard Urban Decay fan and they didn’t let me down. I wear glasses and I have decent eye lashes already so I have to be smart about how much and what kind of mascara I put on. this mascara makes my eyelashes just long enough and separates them beautifully. They don’t make them look too fake or clumpy which I love. 5/5 would buy again.

2) Nose piercing

current favorites

Being spontaneous is not something I’m really known for…but I was pretty spontaneous this weekend. I mean I have been thinking about getting my nose pierced since I was like 17, but I never pulled the trigger. We were at a tattoo shop for B to start work on his sleeve tattoo and next door was a piercing place, so I thought, “what the hell” and got my nose pierced. I’m kind of obsessed.

3) Chicago Med

B and I have been binging this show for like two weeks and we finally finished it. It’s so good. It’s the right amount of dramatic with some humor thrown in. The characters are well developed and they interact really well. I already miss it. We are recording The Night Shift now, but I’m not sure I’m sold yet. We’ll give it some time.

4) Summer Country Concert

current favorites

Every summer at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds there is a summer country concert series. It’s over three days and they have some really great artists playing. This year Kip Moore was playing so we had to go and see B’s man crush. (I didn’t totally mind either…) It was a really good time. They set up a bunch of fair food booths and everyone has a really good time. It was gorgeous weather too. The margaritas sucked though, haha.

5) Bagels

Super random, but when I go “home” (my in laws is like my 2nd home) there are a few staple foods I always have to eat. This time I was all about my favorite drive thru bagel place, They also have some of the best coffee. It kept me going while I was bouncing around trying to find a quiet and productive place to work. Seriously, the bagels are amazing and I don’t even have to put pants on because, drive thru. Yes please. I miss it already.

So those are my current favorite things. Back to the grind this week and still working through my writers block. Hopefully I find some motivation soon!

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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