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My Favorite Fonts

1. Pea Mily Mix | 2. DK Carte Blanche | 3. Meddon |

4. Orniste | 5. Soft Script | 6. DK Petit Four

I am not a professional graphic designer. I wish I was. I’m working on it. But I’m not yet. And that’s okay. But I do a lot of design things for friends, family and my blog that require cute and versatile fonts. There are so many different kinds of fonts and I have spent countless hours researching, downloading, deleting, redownloading and trying hundreds of fonts. And I have found 6 that are my favorite fonts. I am by no means an expert, but I really like fonts. I’m actually even taking a Typography class right now at the local junior college, which has been very interesting and a lot of fun.

I have found that my 6 favorite fonts have been easy to work with in most aspects of my design, but are also so different that they can be used in a vast amount of different aspects. Every font has a distinct personality and when I’m working with a bunch of different fonts I consider each of them a certain type of person with a certain attitude.

For example: DK Carte Blanche is for sure a small bubbly fashionable blonde that is literally down for anything. It’s fairly easily readable, it’s fun, and it’s super cute. On the other end, Soft Script is the artsy girl at the party that all of the guys secretly have a crush on. She’s super approachable, a little swirly and a little bit different.

I will forever be searching for the perfect fonts and these are definitely contenders.

What are some of your favorite fonts?

Disclaimer: Please make sure to read the terms of use for each of these fonts properly and use them correctly. 

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  • Pea Mily Mix is very cute, and definitely my type of font! I love anything a bit swirly and elegant or, alternatively, blocky and playful – if that makes sense?

    Charlotte x
    Fox Socks

    • Totally! I’m absolutely the same way. I love big frilly fonts with thin skinny fonts. That’s my favorite pairing. <3