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The New Year is Time for New Goals

Full disclosure, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Making a resolution never sticks. And setting giant, unattainable goals are never going to get met. The New Year is a good time to reevaluate what you’re doing with your life, plan for the future and set some attainable New Year goals.

This is going to be an interesting and exciting year in our house. My husband is going through an enormous career change, including a 5 month unpaid training period, so that will take up a good portion of the year and then he will be looking for someone to employ him, and actually pay him.

Instead of starting the year focusing on upcoming events and trips like I usually do, I’ve decided to make this the year of internal growth. This year I’m working on bettering myself from where I stand now. It’s going to be a year of building on the foundation we’ve worked so hard to create. I’m going to spend the year supporting my husband in any way I can, because I know how stressful it’s going to be for him, and taking the time to really dig in and figure out what is working for me and what isn’t.

I read this great article on planning your best year ever, and it really got me in the right mind set to start off the year. I am not making resolutions but I am setting goals that I know I can stick to. The trick is to just putting a little bit of effort into it.

Here are some Very attainable New Year goals I’m setting:

1) New blog branding

2) Create 5 new styled stock images for my Etsy store

3) Get 1,000 followers on Instagram

4) Finish almost everything I start

5) Redo christinenail.com

6) Learn something new every day

7) Exercise at least 3 days a week

So, here’s to hoping 2017 goes a little more smoothly than 2016, and to sticking to our very attainable New Year goals.

What are some of your goals for the year? Or for life in general?

Happy New Year everyone!

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  • Jackline A

    I totally agree I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions as well, but setting goals. One of my blogging goals is also developing a blogging brand as well, and getting myself out there. Happy new year and hope you accomplish your goals for 2016.


    • Thanks! Good luck with your New Year goals!

  • Good luck on it, it all seems very achievable. Well, other than the exercise every week if you’re anything like me 🙂

    • Exercise is going to be the toughest goal by far. 🙂 Thank you!