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Professional Creative Gift Guide

Professional creatives can be incredibly hard to buy gifts for. Everything they want is either incredibly expensive, or they’ve already bought it for their business. But creatives can be incredibly fun to buy for too. At least I think so. But I guess I’m a little bias. I hope my creative gift guide makes it a little easier for you this holiday season.

creative gift guide

1) Pantone mug

Every single creative that I know is a die hard coffee addict. If they say they’re not, they’re lying or in caffeine recovery. (But won’t be for long; it never lasts.) This super cute mug comes in many colors and is a cute nod to the Pantone colors that rule the design world. If you’re really nice, get them in every color.

creative gift guide

2) Copper iPad Stand

If there is one thing I’ve learned by working with creatives it’s that we love devices. And often we have to use them for work. The other day I had a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro, an iPad and an iPhone all working on the same project. It was crazy. But my desk would have been much more organized (and pretty) with this gorgeous copper iPad stand (or 6).

creative gift guide

3) Comic Sans Hat

I am obsessed with fonts and most professional creatives are too. It’s an ongoing joke in the design community that Comic Sans is a pretty unusable font. This hat is perfect for the designer with a sense of humor in your life.

creative gift guide

4) Camera Lens Burrito Wrap

There is an endless supply of cute photography accessories out there, but not all of them are incredibly useful and food related. This burrito wrap is not only super clever, it will actually be useful to any traveling photographer. Plus it’s a cute little burrito so…

creative gift guide

5) Classic Moleskine Notebook

All creatives go through notebooks. You can’t go wrong with a classic, well made Moleskine notebook. They are pricier than other notebooks but you can really feel the quality that goes into them. Support the creative process with a beautiful notebook.

creative gift guide

6) Smart Pen

To go with the notebook, get your artist a smart pen. Anything you write or draw will be transcribed and digitized to an app. It definitely cuts down on an extra step, plus it’s just SO COOL. We are living in the future, and our art should too.

My husband has a lot of trouble figuring out what to get me for any gift. And honestly, I’m not much help. But hopefully this will creative gift guide will help you to choose something the creative in your life will actually use and enjoy. And maybe help them get a job? Who knows.