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Weekend Favorites

Weekend Favorites

I’m going to start doing an end of the week wrap up and list some of my favorite things from the past week.

It was kind of a slow week because I was feeling sick most of the week. I’m finally starting to feel better, just in time for the super busy time at work, which is nice.

Here are some of my weekend favorites:

    1. I bought an adorable bacon costume for Charlie for Halloween (which you will obviously see pictures of next week, because uh Corgi bacon?).
    2. Faux flowers were on sale at Michaels this weekend so I bought a whole bunch of them.
    3. I’m trying out some new local honey that I’m very excited about. It was pretty expensive for honey, but it is delicious.
    4. I just finished watching all of Jane the Virgin and I am 100% addicted.
    5. I absolutely love notebooks. They are all over my house. All types, shapes, sizes, and colors. This weekend I got the greatest notebook for all of my blog ideas and to stay organized. It’s a light gray leather with gold leaf flowers all over it.

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