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Working Through a Creative Block

I’m not going to lie – I am currently working through one of the biggest creative blocks I’ve ever had. I do have a minor excuse and that is because two weeks ago I went to the hospital and found out my appendix was about to burst so I had to have open surgery and have it removed. It was incredibly painful and stressful but I made it through! The down side though is the doctor said I could feel tired and lethargic for 4 weeks after my surgery. It’s been two weeks and I am constantly exhausted – it feels like my mind is working up a hill all the time. So that’s my current excuse for my creative block but excuses don’t get the work done so here I am, using my own tip to staying inspired, and just getting stuff on the page.

I have a lot to get done this week with work and the semester wrapping up so here are some things I’m going to do to work through this massive creative block:

1) Read

I have finally found a few good books that I’ve been completely engrossed in. I have found that reading really clears my head and honestly makes me feel like my brain is working harder and smarter. If you’re in the market for some books, check out my post on my favorite books of all time. Currently I’m reading The Hand That Feeds You by A.J. Rich. It’s a big mystery and pretty addicting.

2) Exercise

To be honest, I’m not really great at exercise. I used to play volleyball in high school but after I was left to my own devices, all athletic motivation vanished. But in order to break out of this creative funk I’m in, I’m going to go for (slow) walks to get those ideas flowing. And it helps with my healing process too.

3) Rest

My go to solution to anything is to just work through it, but in this case I think that rest is what my body, and mind, need. Sometimes you just need to listen to your body and let it recover before diving back in so that you can come back 100% and that’s kind of what I’m planning on doing. To the best of my ability… I’m not really great at not doing things. So we will see.

4) Research

I am the self titled queen of the Google search and I love learning new things. So I’m signing up for all of the free ecourses I can get my hands on and searching for design ideas. One great design educational PDF I found last night is Thou Shalt Not Use Comic Sans. It’s funny and educational, my favorite.

So that’s what’s going on in my life right now. I hope you don’t ever hit a creative block, but if you every do I hope you’re able to work through it. Please share all of your tips for working through it. Share your secrets with me, because I need them.

|| the chaotic creative

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  • First off, your blog is SUPER cute. It looks so well designed, props to you! And second off these are great tips. Saving to look at the PDF at a later date! 🙂